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Because of our boutique agency approach, when you list your property with us the entire Move sales team works on achieving an outstanding result.

The fact that many of our clients who originally bought through us also use Move to sell their properties, is testament to our excellent customer service. Our clients also benefit from expertise gathered over years marketing a diverse range of residential properties.

Dealing with a multitude of prospective purchasers face to face, solid database work and cross-selling is the cornerstone to MOVE'S sales success.

The internet is also crucial to the successful marketing of your property. At MOVE Property Agents we understand that more and more, buyers are using the internet as their primary search tool. MOVE also sells properties to expatriates who purchase after viewing property on the internet.

From our cutting edge marketing to our high exposure office location, the MOVE sales team is committed to achieving the best price for your property.

A large part of our successful sales come from our existing client database or referrals from our client database who are actively looking to purchase or sell. We also have an email serviced database of purchasers which presently sits at over 5,000 subscribers. These people are looking to purchase IN OUR AREA and are contacted when a property becomes available to meet their criteria. This is another tool available to reach potential buyers.

Whichever mode of sale you decide is best for your property, Auction, Private Treaty or Tender/Expression of Interest, in the 10 days prior to any formal marketing on the property we exhaust the qualified buyer leads on our databases. We often get premium prices for properties without having to go to the lengths of a formal marketing campaign - saving you time and money. We also sell many homes in the area without anyone knowing about it - with no signboard, no advertising, etc. We may have sold one of your neighbours this way without you knowing and yours could be sold this way too.

Getting the best possible price for your property and selling it sooner rather than later is no doubt the result you want. But no matter which selling strategy you use (auction or private treaty) you will need to discuss both your pricing strategy (marketing with or without a price) and your price expectations. These decisions will be based upon your individual circumstances including property type as well as your timeframe. The price should be based on the market rather than your needs. We will supply you with current information when considering price. Recent sale prices of properties in the area similar to yours, Properties similar to yours currently for sale and The current state of the property market.

It is important to note that there is no single best way to sell your home. Each home and owner is different and each situation should be considered individually. Our Sales Agent will compare the success of each method in your area for properties similar to yours. There is likely to be a trend for one of them and you may achieve greater success by choosing it. In brief here is how the two methods work:

Private Treaty

Your home goes onto the market with a predetermined asking price. There is no official sale date and your marketing strategy may vary depending on your individual situation, budget and timeframe. Potential buyers will either accept the asking price or, more likely, start by making a lower offer. It is in your best interests to have your agent handle the negotiations which will be aimed at raising the offered amount to your asking price. This method of sale is effective in the long term and targets buyers looking in a specific price range, or concerned about overspending in a competitive auction atmosphere. Some considerations about this method include: Your asking price is likely to be the maximum paid or the basis for lower offers, The open-ended timeframe can result in the property being on the market for a longer time increasing marketing costs, The lack of urgency or pressure often results in sales falling over between the time of deposit and exchange of contracts and Where a cooling off period applies, buyers may simply change their mind.


Auctions are highly focussed marketing campaigns designed to expose your property to the maximum number of buyers, maximise your sale price and minimise the number of days your home is on the market. Your home is put up for sale to the highest bidder on a specified date and this is preceded by an intensive marketing campaign including selected "open days". The impending auction date creates a sense of urgency amongst buyers by putting a clear timeframe on your campaign. This method of sale also creates a competitive atmosphere on auction day that is aimed at letting the market determine the highest price for your home.

After The Sale Settlement Period

The deposit paid by the purchaser will generally be placed either in the agent's Trust Account or invested by the agent in an Interest Bearing Deposit pending settlement. In most cases, settlement is 42 days from the date of exchange. When all the formalities have been completed, the settlement amount will be accounted to you, according to your instructions. Stamp duty is paid by the purchaser.