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Managing With Move

What Landlords can expect from Move Property Agents?

Change to Move Property Agents and let us take the stress out of looking after your investment property.

When you want consistent market returns on your property investment, with low demands on your time. When you want someone you can trust to look after your property as if it was their own. When you want practical experience and expert local knowledge working for you. When you want an agent with an enviable reputation for service. When you want to talk to someone who knows you and your property.

Compare the quality and range of our services.

Not just a computer system, a team of real people who know you and your investment property. We care what you think. The rules are complex and a minefield for the inexperienced and the careless. We pride ourselves on attention to detail, careful selection of tenants and listening to you. There is no substitute for experience. We know it is important to follow up and keep you informed. Our competitive advantage is a dedicated hardworking team providing you with the best possible service.

We offer personal service.

Each of our clients is assigned a personal property manager, - someone you can talk to, someone who understands your property and your tenants. Our property managers are highly trained and have access to the most up to date facilities to ensure prompt and knowledgeable attention to problems. In this age of computerization we still believe our best assets are our people, who will give you that personal attention. No problem is too big, no problem is too small.

Maximise your return

We want to maximise your returns - We want to protect your assets - We want to minimise your risk. Means getting it right the first time to minimise vacancy and maximise rental with regular rent reviews to ensure your tenant is always paying market rental. Superior and effective marketing is needed to get you the best rental and the best tenant and expert local knowledge is needed to ensure your rental does not fall below market.

Promoting Your Investment Property

Websites reach people who do not have access to the metropolitan print media, and our listings always include photos which show your property to the best possible advantage to attract the best prospective tenants. Because the internet is on line everyday of the week, we have dedicated leasing representatives available to show properties at any time convenient to prospective tenants six days a week. We don't wait until the weekend. You will find our listings on - - - and

Rental lists - Our rental lists are constantly updated and are available at our office, by fax and by email. Our office is conveniently located, to attract walk in enquiry.

Minimum risk

Minimising risk starts with selection of only quality tenants means fewer headaches for you and for us. This includes, checking identity, checking employment, checking rental history with other agents, obtaining personal references and our personal observations and careful enquiries during the inspections. We ensure prospective tenants not only have the ability to pay the rental but also the capacity and willingness to take care of your property. We have a fully computerised system and the latest in technology is available to all our property managers to track, arrears of rental, repairs, leases, inspections and other statutory requirements. We offer expert tenancy knowledge and our property managers undertake regular training to keep up with the constant changes in legislation. Knowing the law, and the rights and obligations of tenants is only the beginning. Knowing how to deal firmly, but fairly, can avoid costly trips to the tribunal.

Protecting Your Asset Starts with Inspections & Goes Hand in Hand with Maintenance & Repairs

Inspections are vital to ensure the condition of your investment property is maintained. These include initial inspections, periodic inspections and other inspections if we become suspicious of any breaches of the lease. We make your tenants aware of their responsibility to clean, look after your investment property and to report any maintenance issues immediately. We also periodically contact tenants encouraging them to report maintenance issues. We will provide you with a copy of the initial condition report at that the time the lease with your tenant is signed. We will provide you with inspection reports regularly; with any recommendations. Prompt attention to repairs will reduce the risks of subsequent damage. We have a team of professional tradesmen, experts in their field to draw on for all manner of problems. We only use licensed tradesman who have undertaken the necessary OH & S and insurance requirements and who we are confident will respect your investment property and the rights of your tenants. We recommend and if requested will arrange pest Inspections on houses on your behalf. We strongly recommend Landlord Protection Insurance on your rental property for peace of mind. This insurance includes Public Liability insurance, essential in today's legal minefields.

Accounting to You

An easy to read statement of income and expenditure will be posted to you at the end of each month with any invoices paid on y our behalf. Additional copies of statements can be provided and rental proceeds can be divided between different owners and different bank accounts. You have the choice of a cheque or direct deposit into your bank account. Direct deposit into your bank account means the electronic transfer of cleared funds into your bank account overnight. This money can be drawn on immediately. No more waiting in line at the bank, or waiting another 5 days for the cheque to clear. We can pay council and water rates, levies (if applicable), insurance premiums, repairs and any other expenses for your investment property. All these details are then included on an annual income and expenditure summary.

Fees and Charges

Please contact our office to discuss the best fees and charges structure that we will be able to offer you.